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The authentic food wall arrives at Schiphol

Following our post analysing the transformation of the Dutch tradition of eating out of the wall (a wide range of snacks displayed in a wall of food automats) into a healthy version at Schiphol, we are glad to report that tradition has re-asserted itself at the airport.

As reported in NRIT Media the Dutch Snack Wall (Hollandse snackmuur) at Schiphol now offers visitors and locals a choice of unhealthy, authentic Dutch snacks.

The new FEBO food wall at Schiphol

This is a far cry from the healthy version of the snack wall, which we reported on in our blog post Food from the wall – a healthy option?

The first, healthy food wall at Schiphol

Now it seems that the drive to be healthy is no longer a priority from Schiphol, which emphasised the need to develop "quality, diversity and recognition" in their food offerings. One wonders which of these criteria was most important in the decision to open a classic FEBO snack operation? No mention of health, or sustainability, we note. But perhaps that is a bit a stretch for an airport.

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