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A report for the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) network, including case studies of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Montreal and Rome.

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 The Palmer Report on the European Capitals of Culture

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A study for the UNWTO and European Travel Commission on the growing integration of tourism and culture in cities.


A review of cultural tourism supply, demand and policy developed from the ATLAS Cultural Tourism Research Project.


Event Experiences

A special issue on the quantitative and qualitative measurement of event experiences from the ATLAS Events Group

An evaluation of the cultural, economic, social and image impacts of the European Capital of Culture in 2007.

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Creative Tourism Business Models

An analysis of business models in the field of creative tourism, published in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism.

Eventful Cities provides theoretical perspectives and practical examples of the dynamic relationship between cities and events around the world. 

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Rethinking authenticity
An open access paper in Annals of Tourism research on the production and consumption of authentic experiences through the lens of complexity theory.


Papers from the ATLAS Conference in 2021, analysing differetn aspects of the relationships between festivals, cities and tourism

"This work is among the most articulate and persuasive in bringing together a number
of concepts and threads to chart a new path. Richards is successful in suggesting and illustrating an approach that embraces many of the current ideas that are floating around in the literature and that, to my knowledge, have not previously been brought together and linked in a simple, readily understandable,
logical fashion. This is a considerable achievement, and it makes the book important reading for those interested in tourism, as well as those concerned about other fields that engage with tourism, such as heritage." (Review by Geoff Wall)

This study aimed to determine the motivations of a select group of South Africans in terms of their potential engagement with cultural tourism; more specifically, the study set out to show whether these motivations influence the cultural activities that the tourists want to participate in and whether their interest in specific cultural activities determines their destination choices. Furthermore, the mediating role of activities in the relationship between cultural motivations and destination choice was also assessed.

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