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New Book:

Rethinking Cultural Tourism

This insightful book reappraises how traditional high culture attractions have been supplemented by popular culture events, contemporary creativity and everyday life through inventive styles of tourism. Greg Richards draws on over three decades of research to provide a new approach to the topic, combining practice and interaction ritual theories and developing a model of cultural tourism as a social practice.


Taking readers on a concise journey from the 1900s to the present day, Rethinking Cultural Tourism examines the evolution of cultural tourism and the resulting consequences, analysing the dynamics of new practices and emerging trends. The book concludes by considering how technology is causing a shift in tourist behaviour and experiences to meet the ever-growing demand for new travelling experiences and discovering new places and cultures.


This innovative, thought-provoking book is an essential read for researchers of cultural and creative tourism and social practices, as well as providing a useful review of the development of cultural tourism for scholars in related fields such as human geography.

Publication Date: April 2021 

ISBN: 978 1 78990 543 4 

Extent: 208 pp

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Critical acclaim

‘Professor Greg Richards is the influential founder of the field of cultural tourism studies and his latest book builds on his 30 years of research and experience, as well as offering fresh and thought-provoking insights. In addition to a comprehensive and reflective synthesis of previous works on the subject, the book explores new, dynamic and holistic models of cultural tourism practices that challenge existing approaches. The work has important implications for experience design, place-making and cultural tourism journey creation today and into the future.’
– Melanie Smith, Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary

‘Professor Richards has skillfully drawn upon his 30 years of scholarship to reflect on and reconceptualize the past, present and future of the important cultural tourism phenomenon. This readable and thought-provoking volume epitomizes the Rethinking series by offering readers deep and sustained reflections from the leading authority in the field. Having led the efforts of ATLAS to define the scope and practice of cultural tourism, the author now offers us fresh context and redefinition. Essential reading for scholars, practitioners and students.’
– Brian King, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

‘In this work, Greg Richards, the leading exponent of cultural tourism studies, brings together and integrates his many years of research and practical experience in the field. In contrast to the prevailing perception of mass tourists as passive consumers of proffered attractions, Richards stresses the active co-creation of cultural products, sites and events between cultural entrepreneurs and active visitors. The book is rich in concrete examples and will be an attractive source for both students of tourism and tourist practitioners.’
– Erik Cohen, Emeritus Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


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