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Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events

Special Issue on Event Experiences: Contextual Dimensions and Dynamic Measurement


Guest Editors: Vern Biaett & Greg Richards




Event experiences: measurement and meaning

Vern Biaett Greg Richards


Multispecies event experiences: introducing more-than-human perspectives to event studies

Katherine Dashper Anne Buchmann


The transformative potential of community-created consent culture

Caitlin Brooks


The case for constructionist, longitudinal and ethnographic approaches to understanding event experiences

Karen Davies Dewi Jaimangal-Jones


Understanding experiential value creation at small-scale events: a multi-stakeholder perspective

Elaine Rust


Lost in music: mapping the 21st century house music event experience

Alex Grebenar


Phenomenological psychology & descriptive experience sampling: a new approach to exploring music festival experience

Jonathan Moss Peter A. Whalley Ian Elsmore


Affective engagement as a contextual dimension for predicting intentions to revisit and recommend events – a multinational comparison

Willem J.L. Coetzee Shahab Pourfakhimi


Measuring the dimensions of event experiences: applying the Event Experience Scale to cultural events

Greg Richards


Immersive event experience and attendee motivation: a quantitative analysis using sensory, localisation, and participatory factors

Abiola Sobitan Peter Vlachos


The event experience, hedonic and eudaimonic satisfaction and subjective well-being among sport event participants

John Armbrecht Tommy D. Andersson

This special issue has been produced by the ATLAS Events Group and  presents both quantitative approaches to experience measurement, as exemplified by the Events Experiences Scale, and qualitative approaches that attempt to uncover more of the richness of subjective event experiences. Find out more about the work of the ATLAS Events Group here.

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